What we do

We strive to fully dismantle racial and gender inequality within our economy. We recognize that our current systems and institutions are rooted in anti-blackness, racism and sexism, and we will actively build a society that addresses the needs of those most excluded by our economic structures by unapologetically focusing on Black women. We know that centering the needs of Black women enables us to develop bold solutions to structural problems that transform our social and economic systems so that everyone can live a life of joy, dignity and respect.

Our mission

We center race, gender and joy in the pursuit of economic justice. From grassroots movement building to grasstops debate, our work pushes progressive movements to properly diagnose economic problems, build new policies, and promote new politics to address the root causes of economic exclusion.

Our history

The Maven Collaborative team came together while working at the Insight Center for Community Economic Development. In the wake of 2020, we increasingly realized that what may have once worked was now limiting our ability to lead as women of color — at the exact moment when we needed to be bold and challenge the status quo not just of our economy, but the nonprofit sector as well. Our longtime ally and partner, Community Change, now serves as an incubator for our new organization – one that centers the experience and lives of Black women as a pathway to building an economy that works for everyone.

Who we are

Maven is comprised of former Insight Center staffers, fellows and consultants including Anne Price, Jhumpa Bhattacharya, Andrea Flynn, Natasha Hicks, Yvonne Yen Liu, Anjali Sardeshmukh, Saadia McConville, Alicia Walters and Tiffany Younger.